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At Bishop Wood we grow and learn together, embracing challenge and celebrating success in all that we do.

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Collective Worship

At Bishop Wood School we have collective worship each day. The Christian value that we celebrate changes every few weeks and the hymn that we sing changes each week.

One of the children in year 6 writes a summary of each days worship (Monday to Thursday) and a copy of this can be seen on the links below. 

On Fridays we have individual class worship held in the classrooms.  During the Spring term and on other special occasions we have Class Assemblies on a Friday to which parents are invited.

Hymn Practice for the whole school takes place on Friday afternoons.

  Spring Term 2018
  Week Christian Value Reading Hymn Music Childrens' Reviews (PDF)
  Week of 8/1/18 Respect Matthew 2:10-12 The Journey of the Magi We Three Kings “Blinded by your Grace” by Stormzy Childrens' Reviews (PDF) - 8/1/18
  Week of 15/1/18 Respect John 1:43-46 The call of Philip and Nathanael One More Step “River” by Emily Sande Childrens' Reviews (PDF) - 15/1/18
  Week of 22/1/18 Respect Acts 9:1-22, The Conversion of Saul Be still in the presence of The Lord “Ten Thousand Reasons” by Matt Redman Childrens' Reviews (PDF) - 22/1/18
  18-25 Jan   Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
  25/1/18   Significant Date - Conversion of St Paul
  Week of 29/1/18 Respect Luke 2: 25-28 & 36-38; Christ in the Temple Shine Jesus Shine Song(s) from “Planet Soup.”  
  2/2/18   Significant Date - Candlemas
  Week of 5/2/18 Understanding Luke 11: 1-4. The Lord’s Prayer Cross over the Road “Winter” by Vivaldi  
  Week of 19/2/18 Understanding Mark 1: 12 & 13. The Temptations Shalom “The Spirit lives to set us free.”  
  Week of 26/2/18 Understanding Genesis 17: 1-7, 15-16. God’s covenant with Abram How Great Thou Art Pachelbel’s Canon  
  1/3/18   Significant Date - St. David
  Week of 5/3/18 Understanding John 2:13-22 Cleansing the Temple Come and Join the Circle Chris Tomlin acoustic  
  11/3/18   Significant Date - Mothering Sunday
  Week of 12/3/18 Love Exodus 12- Passover Lord of the Dance Pavanne by Faure  
  16/3/18   Significant Date - St Patrick
  Week of 19/3/18 Love Jesus at the Temple at Passover The Servant King Hallelujah from Shrek  
  23/3/18   Lenten Bazaar/ Sport Relief
  25/3/17   Significant Date - Palm Sunday
  Week of 26/3/18 Love Mark 11:1-11.Palm Sunday We have a king who rides a donkey Spring by Vivaldi  
  29/3/17   End of term service in church
  Autumn Term 2017
  Week Christian Value Reading Hymn Music Childrens' Reviews (PDF)
  Week of 4/9/17 Faith Luke 10:30-37 Who is my neighbour? One More Step 'Summer' by Vivaldi Childrens' Reviews (PDF) - 4/9/17
  8/9/17   Significant Date - Birth of the Virgin Mary
  Week of 11/9/17 Faith Luke 6:6-10 Jesus heals School Song 'Walk by Faith' by Jeremy Camp Chidren's Reviews (PDF) - 11/9/17
  14/9/17   Significant Date - Holy Cross Day
  Week of 18/9/17 Faith Mark 8:27-29 Peter’s declaration Our Father (The Lord’s Prayer) 'The Apostles' by Elgar Chidren's Reviews (PDF) - 18/9/17
  21/9/17   Significant Date - St Matthew
  Week of 25/9/17 Faith Mark 9:33-37 Who is the Greatest? Oh Happy Day 'Hallelujah' by The Pentatonix Childrens' Reviews (PDF) - 25/9/17
  27/9/17   Significant Date - St Vincent de Paul
  29/9/17   Significant Date - St Michael and All Angels
  Week of 2/10/17 Faith Matthew 5:8 Freely received, so give I'm Special 'River' by Emili Sande Childrens' Reviews (PDF) - 2/10/17
  4/10/17   Significant Date - St Francis of Assisi
  8/10/17   Bishop Wood pupils leading Worship for All in Church - 10am
  Week of 9/10/17 Faith Exodus re Moses 2:1-15, 3:1, 4:17, 7:14.   I the Lord of Sea and Sky 'River flows in you' by Yiruma Childrens' Reviews (PDF) - 9/10/17
  11/10/17   Significant Date - St Ethelburga
  13/9/17   Harvest Festival in Church
  Week of 16/10/17 Faith The Commandments from Deuteronomy    A Healthy Life 'Autumn' by Vivaldi Childrens' Reviews (PDF) - 16/10/17
  18/10/17   Significant Date - St Luke 
  Week of 30/10/17 Love Luke4:14-30 Good news to the poor    Thank you for Loving Me (Mark Johnson.) 'God is Love' by Natalie Acarani Childrens' Reviews (PDF) - 30/10/17
  1/11/17   Significant Date - All Saints’ Day   
  Week of 6/11/17 Love Matthew 5:1-12 Beatitudes Shine Jesus Shine 'Amazing Grace' by Chris Tomlin Childrens' Reviews (PDF) - 6/11/17
  Week of 13/11/17 Love John 15:9-17  Love One Another   Spirit of God 'Pavanne' by Faure Childrens' Reviews (PDF) - 13/11/17
  Week of 20/11/17 Love Matthew 25:31-40 Parable of the Talents Christmas Carols 'Mary did you know?' by The Pentatonix Childrens' Reviews (PDF) - 20/11/17
  Week of 27/11/17 Love Luke 1: 13-15 Birth of John The Baptist Christmas Carols Christmas Carols Childrens' Reviews (PDF) - 27/11/17
  30/11/17   Significant Date - St Andrew 
  1/12/17   Music Celebration
  Week of 4/12/17 Joy Luke 1:26-32 God’s promise to Mary Christmas Carols Christmas Carols  
  6/12/17   Significant Date - St Nicholas
  Week of 11/12/17 Joy Luke 2:1-7 The Birth of Jesus Christmas Carols Christmas Carols  
  13/12/17   Significant Date - St Lucy
  Week of 18/12/17 Joy Matthew 1:18-25 The Birth Of Jesus Christmas Carols Christmas Carols  
  21/12/17   End of term service
  Summer Term 2017
  Week Christian Value Reading Hymn Music Childrens' Reviews (PDF)
  Week of 17/4/17 Sharing Matthew 28: 1-10 The Resurrection The School Song   Collective Worship pdf - 17/4/17
  23/4/17 Significant Date - St George's Day
  Week of 24/4/17 Sharing John 20: 19-31 Jesus Appears to the Disciples All the Nations   Collective Worship pdf - 24/4/17
  25/4/17 Significant Date - St Mark the Evangelist
  Week of 1/5/17 Sharing Luke 24: 13-35 On the road to Emmaus He's Got the Whole World   Collective Worship pdf - 1/5/17
  1/5/17 Significant Date - St Philip and St James
  Week of 8/5/17 Sharing John 10: 1-10 The Good Shepherd One More Step   Collective Worship pdf 8/5/17
  Week of 15/5/17 Sharing John 14: 1-14 I am the Way the Truth and the Life Think of a World   Collective Worship pdf 15/5/17
  15/5/17 Significant Date - St Matthias
  Week of 22/5/17 Sharing John 21: 1-14 Jesus appears to seven disciples When I Needed a Neighbour   Collective Worship pdf 22/5/17
  25/5/17 Significant Date - Ascension
  4/6/17 Significant Date - Pentecost (Whit Sunday)
  Week of 5/6/17 Trust Acts 2:1-21 The Holy Spirit Shine Jesus Shine   Collective Worship pdf - 5/6/17
  9/6/17 Significant Date - St Columba
  11/6/17 Significant Date - Trinity Sunday
  Week of 12/6/17 Trust Matthew 28:16-20 Make all nations my disciples   You shall go out with Joy   Collective Worship pdf - 12/6/17
  12/6/17 Significant Date - St Barnabas
  Week of 19/6/17 Trust   Seek Ye First   Collective Worship pdf - 19/6/17
  22/6/17 Significant Date - St Alban
  24/6/17 Significant Date - Birth of John the Baptist
  Week of 26/6/17 Trust Luke 1: 57-66, Luke 14:12-24 Lord of all Hopefulness    
  29/6/17 Significant Date - St Peter and St Paul
  Week of 3/7/17 Trust Genesis 22: 1-14. Sacrifice of Isaac Make me a Channel of your Peace    
  3/7/17 Significant Date - St Thomas
  Week of 10/7/17 Trust Luke 18:31-43 Healing the Blind man Be still for the Presence of the Lord    
  11/7/17 Significant Date - St Benedict
  Week of 17/7/17 Trust Matthew 13:1-9 & 18-23. Parable of the Sower School Song    
  15/7/17 Significant Date - St Swithun
  Spring Term 2017
  Week Christian Value Reading Hymn Music Childrens' Reviews (PDF)
  Week of 5/1/17 Friendship Luke 2: 15-21 Shepherds Naming of Jesus     Collective Worship pdf - 5/1/17
  6/1/17 Significant Date - EPIPHANY
  Week of 9/1/17 Friendship Matthew 2: 1-2The Wise Men go to Herod or
Mathew 2: 7-12 The Wise Men worship Jesus
Come on and Celebrate   Collective Worship pdf - 9/1/17
  13/1/17 Class Collective Worship - 6M
  Week of 16/1/17 Friendship Mark 1: 16-20 Jesus calls Simon and Andrew Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God   Collective Worship pdf - 16/1/17
  20/1/07 Class Collective Worship - 6C
  Week of 23/1/17 Friendship John 1: 39-45 Jesus calls Philip or
Acts 9: 1-22 Paul on the road to Damascus
    Collective Worship pdf - 23/1/17
  25/1/17 Saints Day - Conversion of St. Paul
  27/1/17 Class Collective Worship - 5DR
  Week of 30/1/17 Friendship Luke 2: 22-40 Jesus is presented at the Temple Simeon and Anna give thanks to God (Nunc Dimitis)     Collective Worship pdf - 30/1/17
  2/2/17 Significant Date - CANDLEMAS
  3/2/17 Class Collective Worship - 5F
  Week of 6/2/17 Faith Matthew 5: 14-16 You are the light of the world     Collective Worship pdf - 6/2/17
  10/2/17 Class Collective Worship - 4H
  Week of 20/2/17 Faith Luke 12. 22-31 or Matthew 6: 25-end The Lord's My Shepherd   Collective Worship pdf - 20/2/17
  24/2/17 Class Collective Worship - 4B
  Week of 27/2/17 Faith Matthew 17: 1-9 Jesus is transfigured     Collective Worship pdf - 27/2/17
  28/2/17 Significant Date - SHROVE TUESDAY
  1/3/17 Significant Date - ASH WEDNESDAY
Saints Day - St. David
  Week of 6/3/17 Faith Matthew 4: 1-11 The Temptation of Jesus     Collective Worship pdf - 6/3/17
  10/3/17 Class Collective Worship - 3I
  Week of 13/3/17 Faith Matthew 8: 1-13 Healing miracles     Collective Worship pdf - 13/3/17
  17/3/17 Class Collective Worship - 3R
School event - Lenten Bazaar
Saints Day - St Patrick
  Week of 20/3/17 Faith Luke 2: 41-end Jesus goes to the Temple aged 12     Collective Worship pdf - 20/3/17
  24/3/17 School Mothering Service
  25/3/17 Significant Date - The Annunciation (Isaiah 7: 13-14)
  Week of 27/3/17 Faith 1 Samuel 1: 10-28 Hannah and Samuel or Exodus 2: 1-10 Moses' mother or Luke 1: 26-56
Announcement of Jesus' birth
    Collective Worship pdf - 27/3/17
  31/3/17 End of term service
  Autumn Term 2016
  Week Christian Value Reading Hymn Music Childrens' Reviews (PDF)
  Week of 5/9/16 Love John 3: 16-17 One More Step The Einade Collection - Track 1 PDF w/b 5th Sept
  Week of 12/9/16 Love Paraple of The Lost Sheep, Luke 15: 1-10 Shine Jesus Shine Debussy – Clair de Lune. Track 1 PDF w/b 12th Sept
Pictures of Father Huw's very own lost sheep!
  Week of 19/9/16 Love Parable of the Dishonest Steward, Luke 16: 1-13 I the Lord of Sea and Sky River by Emilé Sande PDF w/b 19th Sept
  Week of 26/9/16 Love Parable of the Rich Man & Lazarus, Luke 16: 19-31 I'm Special Heal the World by Michael Jackson PDF w/b 26th Sept
  Week of 3/10/16 Thankfulness Psalm 37: 3-6 Lord of the Harvest, Harvest Samba Harvest Samba PDF w/b 3rd Oct
  Fri 7th Harvest Service - St Peter & St Paul's Church - 9.15am  
  Week of 10/10/16 Thankfulness The ten lepers healed, Luke 17: 11-19 Thank you God Agnus Dei PDF w/b 10th Oct
The Ten Leppers
  Week of 17/10/16 Thankfulness Psalm 147: 7-9 A Healthy Life Shine Jesus Shine PDF w/b 17th Oct
  Week of 31/10/16 Trust John 14 - In my Father's House there are many rooms Light up the Fire Claire-da-Lune PDF w/b 31 Oct
All Souls Day PowerPoint
  Week of 7/11/16 Trust Remembrance - Micah 6:8 Love justice, walk humbly with your God Light of the World Einaudi PDF w/b 7 Nov
  Fri 11th Remembrance Service    
  Week of 14/11/16 Trust Romans 15.13 (Trust and hope...) Make me a Channel of Your Peace Leonard Cohen

PDF w/b 14 Nov
Anti-bullying week powerpoint

  Week of 21/11/16
Hope Christ the King Colossians 15-20 This is our God, our Servant King    
  Week of 28/11/16
Hope Isaiah foretells the coming of the Messiah, Isaiah 9: 2, 6-7   Graham Kendrick, God is with us Alleluia  
  Week of 5/12/16
Hope John the Baptist, Matthew 3: 1-12     PDF w/b 5 Dec
  Week of 12/12/16
Hope Matthew 1: 21, Birth of Jesus     PDF w/b 12 Dec
  Week of 19/12/16
Hope Matthew 1: 21, Birth of Jesus      
  19/12/16 Christmas Carol Service at St Peter & St Paul's Church - 7pm  
  21/12/16 End of term service  
  2015-16 End of Summer term service - script
    Thanksgiving Service for Parents - July 2016 - script


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