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At Bishop Wood we grow and learn together, embracing challenge and celebrating success in all that we do.

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Bishop Wood School Creed & Hymn

Creed Hymn .


The Bishop Wood School Creed

  The Bishop Wood School Creed was written collectively by children during Lent 2015 and read during the school Easter Service at St Peter & St Paul’s Church.

We believe in the freedom of all people to follow their dreams. This freedom comes from the love we are given and show to one another.
Through this love we accept all people just as they are and respect the choices that they make. We will treat each person equally. We will not judge others. We will listen, just as we need to be listened to. We will work hard to become the best we can be, as we expect others to work hard so that we can learn together.
Our world should be a safe place for everyone so that all people can join together in families and with friends to grow together in love.



The Bishop Wood Hymn


The Bishop Wood Hymn was written by Rev John Payne-Cook at
the end of his ministry in Tring before going to the West Indies.


Bishop Wood School helps us all to learn
Spirit, mind, body will all take their turn
We learn how to write, we learn how to read
We learn how to count and use numbers at speed.

So let us give thanks to our Father above
Open our hearts to the gift of his love
Pray for the children, pray for the staff
That God's Holy Spirit will lighten our path

School is a place where everyone shares
Good things and bad and learns how to care
We all grow together in work and in fun
And no one is left to be all on their own

Find time for peace, let wisdom grow
As we get older let everyone know
That God is forgiving and makes us all strong
And pours out his blessings all day long




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