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Teaching Staff

Name Class Curriculum and other responsibilities
Mr Gary Stanley Headteacher
Mrs Ruth McGhee 6M Maths
(Leading Teacher for Maths – Herts)
(Local Authority Moderator for English)
Mrs Elaine Clark 6C English
(Leading Teacher for Literacy – Herts)
Miss Megan Francis 5F Assessment and PE
Miss Lisa Record 5R Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)
Mr Jon Hall 4H Deputy Headteacher
Religious Education
Mrs Angela Day 4DR Science
Mrs Janet Reeve 4DR Healthy Schools and Music
(Local Authority Moderator for English)
Mrs Christine Ing 3I Computing, ICT and eSafety, Data Protection Officer
Mrs Paula Birley 3B Geography, History and British Values
Mrs Jane Guest SENCo/INCo and Supply Teacher
Mrs Diana Breakwell Supply Teacher
Mrs Rachael Holden Peripatetic Music Teacher – Guitar
Ms Hazel Mardlin Peripatetic Music Teacher – Woodwind
Mr David Stacey Peripatetic Music Teacher – Piano

Teaching Assistants & Support Staff

Name Responsibility
Mrs Debs Bourke Secretary
Mrs Sarah Lloyd Secretary and Librarian
Mrs Sonia Colston Financial Secretary
Mrs Sally Spriggs Caretaker and
Website Administrator
Mrs Deanna Sharman Teaching Assistant (HLTA), Art & Design Technology Co-ordinator
Mrs Hannah Titley Teaching Assistant (HLTA), Art & Design Technology Co-ordinator
Mrs Debbie Turnbull Teaching Assistant (HLTA)
Mrs Ruth Hart Teaching Assistant
Mrs Julie Hamilton Teaching Assistant
Mrs Carol Quoroll Teaching Assistant
Mrs Mary Adams Teaching Assistant and
Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mr Patrick Ashton Teaching Assistant
Mrs Naomi Wager Teaching Assistant
Miss Liz Cooper Teaching Assistant
Mrs Rachel Farrer Teaching Assistant
Ms Theresa Hill Family Liaison Worker
Mrs Michelle Spanswick Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Eileen Wilton Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Debbie Goodall Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Jacquie Dancer Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Sam Foskett Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Sam Lane Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Delia Eggleton Cook
Mrs Joanne Kempster Assistant Cook
Mrs Davinder Kaur Assistant Cook
Miss Jennifer Drake Assistant Cook
Mr Dennis Bradding Crossing Patrol – Christchurch Road
Mr Alan Thomas Crossing Patrol – Frogmore Street
Mrs Julie Cheshire Cleaner