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Art & DT

Art and Design

Statement of Intent

We want art to be a subject that helps develop creativity and allows our children to express themselves in a way that is enjoyable and promotes a sense of achievement.  We want to inspire and equip them with skills and knowledge to take them on an artistic journey that will lead them to develop independence, confidence in their abilities and critical thinking of their own work and that of others.  Through art, we highlight diversity and cultural heritage through the study of world artists past and present treating difference with dignity and respect, by extending historical knowledge, adding an extra layer of understanding, through painting and drawing and celebrate the achievements of our pupils through community projects and local art events.  We endeavour to provide our children with an engaging curriculum that will allow them to reach their full potential in the subject.

Design and Technology

Statement of Intent

Design and Technology prepares children to take part in the development of tomorrow’s rapidly changing world.  Through the study of this subject, we encourage our children to be creative thinkers designing a range of products and systems that combine practical skills with an understanding of aesthetic, social and environmental issues.  Where relevant, students use wisdom gained from other subjects, for example, their knowledge of mathematics, science, art and the world in which they live to help them succeed in bringing their initial ideas to a completed product.  Children work collaboratively or as individuals solving problems and testing ideas and are given opportunities to reflect on, and evaluate, their own and each other’s work.  Design and Technology helps our children to become potential innovators and designers of the future.