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Geography – Statement of Intent

At Bishop Wood, Geography is an important part of our curriculum as it links very clearly with our four core values of wisdom, hope, community and dignity.  It teaches our pupils about many places in the world (human geography) and many of the different natural features of the world (physical geography.)

Although there is some content relating to the local area, most of the human geography at Bishop Wood looks at areas far away from Tring such as The Alps and The Americas. This is because we believe it is important for our children to learn about places that are unfamiliar to them. In physical geography, there is a similar emphasis with topics based around earthquakes and volcanoes, forests, coasts and the effects of climate change on these types of environments.

Through this approach, we intend to give the children the wisdom to describe, question and discuss the world. Through a greater understanding of the world and their place in it, we intend to foster a sense of local, national and global community and the hope that their generation can work together to show a greater respect for the planet. Finally, we intend to teach the children that all people and living things should be treated with dignity.