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Eco/Climate Emergency


As an Eco-School it is our intent for our pupils to know more about nature, understand nature and appreciate how to care for the environment. Our Eco curriculum aims to improve our children’s understanding of how to live and be part of a sustainable world, and how they can be responsible citizens.

We aim to educate our children across a wide range of issues from the biodiversity of life in our school grounds and neighbourhood to their use of energy and water, both at school and at home, and how to deal with litter and waste. Our aim is to see our pupils become true global citizens where their personal impact can be felt on a much wider stage across the planet.  All of these intentions link to our core values of dignity, community, wisdom and hope.


Environmental topics are taught throughout school. These topics are addressed in a cross-curricular manner through applicable subjects where meaningful links can be made.

Alongside this curricular approach we also engage in a wider approach such as giving our children experiences of attending forest school, participation in community projects such as Walk to School Week, the Big Battery Hunt and Clean Air Day.

We are an eco-school, who take part in the Green Flag award – which has enabled our pupils to audit some key priorities and create an action plan of improvements. By working towards these goals children have the opportunity to make changes to the school environment.


Our pupils will have a strong understanding of the world around them and will be prepared to be part of a force for good across the country.

They will develop a knowledge of how to use water and energy sustainably, to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, in terms of their own mental health and physical well-being, but also in terms of their local community and planet. They will understand how to care for our green spaces and how to keep the environment free from waste and litter. The impact of our endeavours will be for Bishop Wood pupils to develop into responsible global citizens.

Micro Scooters

We are proud to be working with Micro Scooters who have donated 3 wheeled scooters and scooter helmets for our children to use.

The company also run a ScooterAid scheme whereby they revamp old/unwanted Micro Scooters and send them to good causes across the country – giving thousands of children who may otherwise miss out the chance to play.

If you have a scooter you would like to donate the scheme please get in touch with Micro Scooters.