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PSHE – Statement of Intent

From September 2020, the teaching of Relationships and Health Education has been compulsory in Primary Schools. Under the new proposals, all schools are expected to teach children about good physical and mental health, how to stay safe online and offline and the importance of healthy relationships. In addition to the statutory requirements, we teach PSHE because we believe it gives our pupils the wisdom to help them live fulfilling lives, and function well as part of the community.  The lessons encourage our pupils to treat people they meet from all backgrounds with dignity, and give us hope that their generation will create a more tolerant society. At Bishop Wood, PSHE lessons are taught in discrete, weekly lessons because we feel that for the learning to have the utmost effect, consistency and progression from one year group to the next is vital. This is why we are using a comprehensive scheme to support teachers with planning and carrying out weekly lessons. We include the teaching of SRE (sex education) across all year groups because, although it is not compulsory in primary schools, we think it is an important part of learning to form positive relationships. We strive to ensure all PSHE lessons create a safe, open space for the children to reflect on their thoughts and feelings and share any worries or concerns they may have.