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School Council

Bishop Wood School Council is made up of two children from each class (usually a boy and a girl), elected termly by their classmates.  It meets every other Friday lunchtime.  A member of staff attends, but the meeting is run by a pupil Chairperson (elected by the council), and the minutes are taken by a pupil Secretary.

Items for discussion are varied. Individual council members can bring to the meetings questions or concerns raised by their fellow pupils, and anyone can make comments via the ‘Suggestion Box’ kept in the dining room.  Each year, the School Council nominates a charity it would like the school to support.

The Secretary publishes minutes of each meeting, gives a copy to each class and posts a copy on the School Council notice board outside room 6M.  The class reps try to have a short feedback session with their classes each week during lesson time.

School Council Members


Class Class
3B 5C
3R 5DR
4F 6I
4H 6M

School Council Minutes

School Council Announcements

Lenten Bazaar 2018 – This year, funds raised at the Lenten Bazaar will be shared between three charities; Bishop Wood Buddies, Sport Relief and the School Council’s chosen charity, the RSPCA.