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French – Statement of Intent

It is our intent at Bishop Wood Junior School to provide all our children with a high-quality education in French. This will develop their natural curiosity and confidence to explore other cultures and languages in our multilingual society. It is our hope that by providing opportunities to appreciate the French language and the culture of French speaking countries it will instil the values of tolerance, dignity and respect in our pupils. We have chosen French as it is offered at the local secondary school and will provide the foundation to learn other Latin-based languages. It is our intention that the curriculum will focus on the strands of phonics, grammar and vocabulary. Each lesson will place an importance on listening, speaking, reading and writing. The narrative of our curriculum will build up over each year group to enable children to remember more and know more. Through using ambitious and authentic sources we intend to engage children, equip them with resilience and prepare our community of language learners to succeed at secondary school.