Modeshift Stars Platinum Award

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded Modeshift Primary School of the Year for our efforts to promote sustainable travel. Please see the excellent newspaper article here for more details.

Welcome to Bishop Wood School

On behalf of the pupils, staff and governors of Bishop Wood CE School, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to you.

At Bishop Wood, we are committed to providing a rich education for our pupils, enabling them all to thrive and develop their own unique gifts and abilities to the full.

Bishop Wood is a Church of England (CE) school and has strong links with The Diocese and with the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul.  We also enjoy strong links with Goldfield Infants, Aldbury, Long Marston, Dundale, St Bartholomew’s, Grove Road and Tring Secondary School.  As a CE school, our vision can be summed up in four words: Wisdom, Hope, Community and Dignity.  It is our intention that these four words underpin all that we strive to achieve.  Ultimately, we aim for all children who come to Bishop Wood to enjoy their educational journey and be happy and successful.

We hope that our website will help you to learn more about our school, its aims and its aspirations.  Do contact us if you have any queries or require additional information.

Gary Stanley


Dear parents/carers

Re: Clarification on Covid-19 Arrangements at Bishop Wood

I am aware that it can be difficult for parents to stay fully abreast of the various guidance around Covid-19. Therefore, a FAQ is outlined below for you to use as needed. I hope you find it useful. Should guidance change, I will produce an update.

  1. What are the Covid-19 symptoms?

The NHS have never deviated from the three main symptoms being:

  • High temperature (above 37.8)
  • New and persistent cough
  • Loss of or change to sense of taste and smell

However, the different variants have brought along other symptoms such as a streaming nose and severe headache. We are aware that we are approaching the season of cold type illnesses. Be proactive and do what you think is safe and right. If you are in any doubt, you can call 111 for advice or complete a PCR test.

  1. What is the difference between a lateral flow test and a PCR test?

Pupils from Year 7 onwards are completing regular lateral flow tests. This is to capture pupils who are positive but asymptomatic. There is nothing in the guidance about children under the age of 11 taking lateral flow tests. As far as we are aware, a case is only confirmed once a positive PCR test result has been received. We understand that some parents are using lateral flow tests to initially test their children if they suspect they may be positive. A positive lateral flow test result must be followed up with a PCR test.

  1. If my child has symptoms, can they come to school?

No. If your child has symptoms (even if they are mild), they should remain at home. It is advised that the child with symptoms should get a PCR test. The child should stay at home and not have visitors until the test result is received. If positive, they will need to self-isolate for a full 10 days. If negative and they are well, they can then return to school. If your child has symptoms and you do not complete a PCR test, your child will need to stay off school for a self-isolation period of 10 days.

  1. If someone else in the household has symptoms, can my child come to school?

Yes, the child can continue to attend school if they have no symptoms. The person with symptoms is advised to get a PCR test and should self-isolate while they wait for the result.

  1. If someone in the household tests positive, can my child come to school?

Yes. The guidance is clear that pupils should be in school unless they themselves have symptoms and/or have tested positive following a PCR test.

  1. If someone in the class has symptoms, what happens?

The child’s parents will be contacted and asked to come and collect the child from school. As per Government guidance, the child with symptoms will be isolated while awaiting collection. Staff will carry out regular welfare checks. It is advised that the child should complete a PCR test and self-isolate while waiting for the result. If you choose for your child to not to have a PCR test, they will need to remain off school and self-isolate for a period of 10 days. The other children in the class will continue to attend school.

  1. If someone in the class tests positive, what happens?

Following a positive PCR test, the child will self-isolate for 10 days and the family should receive a call from NHS test and trace. All other children in the class should continue to attend school. Close contacts will be contacted by the NHS Test and Trace service and advised to take a PCR test.

Education settings are no longer expected to undertake contact tracing. However, we feel that it is in everyone’s best interests for us to inform parents if a pupil in their child’s class has received a positive result on a PCR test.

  1. What happens if lots of children at school test positive?

If this happens, we will involve our local health protection team and they will advise us if any additional action is required, such as implementing elements of our outbreak management plan. This may include wider testing or targeted closures of certain groups or classes.

  1. What happens if a staff member tests positive?

The staff member will self-isolate for 10 days. The children will either be taught by a cover member of staff or supply teacher. Parents of the class will be notified that there has been a positive case (as they would for a child in the class). Children should continue to come to school.

  1. If my child is self-isolating, will they get work?

Yes. We will implement our remote education plan for any child self-isolating at home and if they are well enough, we will expect them to complete all work set and submit this via Google Classroom. Staff will liaise with parents as appropriate. If your child is unwell then we want them to rest and recover and work will not be expected to be completed.

  1. Will school let us know if there is a positive case?

Although not stipulated in the guidance, we will let parents know if there is a positive case within their child’s class. This is to try and keep families informed and reduce the risk of the spread of cases. We can only notify parents once a positive PCR test result has been received.

Yours sincerely

Gary Stanley – Headteacher